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Dear all , a warm welcome from team of KHARGHAR DENTIST.

We here in our clinic give maximum emphasis on patient education and awareness. As most of the patients don't have enough knowledge and hence fail to get the treatment done in time.and when patient get ot know about the dental problem, its already late and we have to pay more because of lack of knowledge. Also there is more damage of the teeth and more efforts are required for the treatment.

That is why we give a patient education and awareness programme in your first visit for consultation which makes the consultation a session of minimum 30 to 40 minutes.

How do we give 30 to 40 minutes to each and every patient???

  1. We have only 7 appointments planned per dentist per day
  2. We believe in quality of work and not in quantity of patients.
  3. We here at KHARGHAR DENTIST CLINIC AND IMPLANT CENTRE, have an excellent team of various MDS doctors to whom we outsource the work whenever required.
  4. We also admire punctuality of patient for the appointments and expect co-operation for the best results out of the treatment.
Dr. Ketan Revanwar (Dentist)

Dr. Ketan Revanwar

Specialized in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ketan Revanwar is the owner and founder of KHARGHAR DENTIST CLINIC and IMPLANT CENTER, Kharghar.

We at KHARGHAR DENTIST clinic believe and follow on patient centric treatment and provide them with best dental treatment with the best result for their issues in their dental treatments.

We believe that the best dental treatment and needs best quality of machineries best of technology, best control of sterilisation and cleanliness.